Happy Mashujaa Day Blood Donors — Our Unsung Heroes

Every Mashujaa Day, we celebrate the valiant individuals who continue to positively shape our nation’s destiny. This specific Mashujaa Day, we would like to shine a light on some unsung heroes who help to save lives every day. These are our very own blood donors — our champions in moments of despair. Their acts of kindness not only keep hearts beating but also keep hope alive.

Today, there is a mother who has successfully lived through post-partum haemorrhage. There is a child with sickle cell smiling somewhere. There is a cancer patient who has a reason to keep fighting. There is an accident victim who has just been handed a new lease of life. All these beautiful stories have in part been made possible through blood donation.

We are in awe of every individual who takes their time to save lives through blood donation. Every unit that is donated impacts humanity severalfold. Indeed, one unit of blood has been seen to save up to four different lives through transfusion. That is why we must celebrate and congratulate all blood donors in the spirit of Mashujaa.

In the same breath, we also honour all the medical professionals who tirelessly work within the blood services value chain. These include phlebotomists, lab technologists, doctors and nurses. They carefully ensure that blood is collected, tested, made safe for transfusion, and finally transfused. Without them, no patient in need would see the light of day. A big Hongera to all of them!

Our profound gratitude also goes out to all the gracious government agencies and even private organizations working to create awareness, mobilize blood donors, fund blood donation activities, and conduct research for better blood service outcomes. Your efforts are not in vain. You are the seemingly invisible hands that enable each blood donation. We cannot say thank you enough. Keep it up!

At Damu Sasa, everything we do is always in service to patients in need. Whether it is through our digital applications that help to make blood services more effective, our efforts for awareness creation through publications, or our research activities. Every day, we work towards improving our impact in the healthcare space. We do so because we are guided by our mantra, “Life is Worth Sharing”.

Our heartfelt appreciation goes to all those who make it possible for us to do what we do best. These include the blood donors and medics who use our digital applications for different blood services, the greater public who educate themselves through our platforms, the researchers working with us, and the patients who count on us to deliver on our promise. You are our Shujaas!

We hope that you take today to celebrate yourself. Most importantly, we hope that you will continue with your resolve to be someone’s Shujaa — either by donating blood or by helping a blood donation to happen. You could also join us by downloading our Damu Sasa app on the Google Play Store for Android, or the Apple App Store for IOS. Let’s help save lives together. Happy Mashujaa Day!


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