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Can I donate blood during the COVID-19 pandemic?

  • Yes! It is still very safe to donate blood during this pandemic. There has been no conclusive clinical proof that the virus can be contracted through an act of blood donation;
  • Remember also, that a lot of patients still need blood for transfusion despite the pandemic. These are especially mothers and children. A fun fact is that children continue to be born;
  • You can get more information by reading the HOW TO BE A HERO DURING COVID-19 article in the Health Reviews Section;

What precautions can I take to ensure that I do not contract COVID-19 during a blood donation exercise?

  • Please remember to wear a mask at all times while visiting the blood donation centre;
  • Please remember to regularly sanitize and wash your hands both before and after visiting the blood donation centre;
  • Schedule your blood donation appointment by booking a convenient slot at your nearest blood donation centre to avoid crowding. One can do this either via the Damu Sasa app available on Google Playstore or by clicking schedulee booking

What precautions have blood donation centres taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19 during blood donation exercises?

  • Each visitor has their temperature measured and requested to wash their hands before entry;
  • Sanitization booths installed at various areas within the centres;
  • Surfaces are regularly cleaned and sanitized;
  • Most have adopted blood donor scheduling through online booking platforms to prevent crowding;

Why should I donate blood?

  • Every 2 minutes, someone somewhere is at risk of dying due to lack of blood. This is especially mothers and children as they account for close to 60% of all transfusions required;
  • One unit of blood can save up to 3 lives;
  • Blood donation is beneficial to your health;
  • Experts say it may help to reduce the risk of cancer and even promote mental well-being, among other benefits;

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