Happy 60th Jamuhuri Day

Today we are celebrating our 60th Jamuhuri Day! What a milestone! We join with Kenyans in commemoration of this amazing day when Kenya finally became an Independent Republic, 60 years ago. Since then, the country has achieved a lot over the last six decades.

Specifically in the space of healthcare, major transformations have been realized through the government, working with both civil societies and private actors. These transformations have seen significant reductions in patient mortality and general improvements in treatment outcomes.

In the case of blood services, the last sixty years have also led to substantial leaps in the country’s transfusion medicine. For example, more hospitals in Kenya now offer various transfusion therapies, compared to 60 years ago when the country gained its independence.

The latter means that there is now more skilled personnel in blood services administration, compared to six decades ago. Damu Sasa salutes and congratulates them. We appreciate the work they do every day to ensure that no patients lose their lives.

The processes to ensure patient safety during blood transfusion have also greatly improved. For example, investments in quality assurance are now a norm for various hospitals offering transfusion medicine. These ensure proper testing of donated blood, and safe handling before, during, and after transfusion.

Different technologies, both digital and hardware, have also been welcomed to blood services and are playing their role in improving blood services. For example, there now exist machines that work to ensure that patients get more refined and potent blood products for transfusion.

As Damu Sasa, we have also offered our digital platforms to the country, in a bid to help blood donors easily locate their nearest blood donation centers, schedule blood donation appointments, and make blood appeals for their loved ones.

Damu Sasa has also been used by various country hospitals to improve inter-hospital blood-sourcing efforts, blood testing and screening enhancement, bedside transfusion advancement, and boosting haemovigilance and reporting.

All the above showcases Kenya’s resilience and commitment to embodying its independence as it continues to foster paths for its sustained growth. While a lot has been done or achieved, it is important to note that there is still a lot more left to do.

Specifically, the country still has a significant deficit in blood collection volumes every year. This usually endangers the lives of patients, especially mothers and children, who require timely blood transfusions as part of treatment. The good news is that you and I are the solution.

As we celebrate this Jamuhuri Day, please make a point of donating blood or passionately advocating for it amongst friends and family. You can also explore more information on blood donation on our mobile application available on the Google Play Store, IOS App Store, and the Huawei App Gallery.

A journey towards a prosperous tomorrow is paved with collective efforts, a commitment to service, and a deep sense of national pride. HAPPY 60TH JAMUHURI DAY from all of us at Damu Sasa.


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