The Westgate Mall Attack: Tragedy, Resilience, and the Birth of Damu Sasa…rth-of-damu-sasa/September 21, 2013, is a date that remains seared into the collective memory of Kenyans. On that fateful day, a bustling shopping center in Nairobi — the Westgate Mall — became the epicenter of a harrowing terrorist attack. It left numerous innocent souls in its devastating wake. As we reflect upon this heart-wrenching event, it’s crucial to honor the lives lost and affected, but also to recognize the resilience and unity that emerged from the tragedy.

The attack on the Westgate Mall was not only just a blow to Kenya’s security apparatus, but it also deeply wounded the very heart of its citizenry; ordinary Kenyans, expatriates, children, and families — no one was spared from the indiscriminate violence of the terrorists. The aftermath saw a nation in mourning, grappling to understand the senseless brutality that had descended upon them.

However, amid this deep anguish and despair, a powerful story of human resilience and unity began to unfold. Kenyans from all walks of life, regardless of tribe, religion, or socioeconomic status, came together in a moving display of solidarity. One of the most immediate needs was the dire requirement for blood to treat the injured.

As the news of the attack spread, lines of Kenyans formed outside hospitals and donation centers, eager to donate blood to help their fellow countrymen and women. The sheer number of volunteers was overwhelming. It thus gave rise to an urgent need for a more efficient system to manage blood donation collection, storage, and distribution.

Recognizing this immediate need, Damu Sasa, which translates to “Blood Now”, was envisioned. The platform would later leverage technology to streamline blood donation, ensuring that donors could be quickly matched with recipients and that patients in hospitals had timely access to vital blood supplies.

Damu Sasa’s impact did not end there. The organization grew, fortified by the spirit of unity that had given birth to it. Today, it serves as a critical link between blood donors and hospitals across Kenya. It works to ensure that the latter always has access to life-saving blood supplies, not just in times of crisis, but every day. This is an incredible testament to how a nation’s tragedy can lead to innovations that continue to save lives daily.

As we commemorate the Westgate Mall attack, we must never forget the lives lost and the countless others affected by the terror of that day. Yet, we must also remember the indomitable spirit of the Kenyan people, who refused to be defeated and instead channeled their grief into a positive force for change. Damu Sasa stands as a living testament to the strength and resilience of a united community.


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Damu-Sasa is an innovative end-to-end blood services information management system. It supports blood sourcing, inventory management, transfusion management and even haemovigilance. To date..

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