Our services

Donor relationship management (DRM) service

Is a service for all blood donor related management, including and not limited to the following:

  1. Digital blood donor registration
  2. Digital blood donor eligibility tracking
  3. Digital blood donation registration
  4. Digital eligible blood donor recalls
  5. Digital blood donor deferral
  6. Digital blood donor referral to secondary care
  7. Digital blood donor feedback mechanism

Referral management (RM) service

Is a service for managing the referral of patients, including blood donors, to Secondary medical care

Inter-Facility collaboration management (Blood Units Exchange) service

Is a platform for managing collaborations between neighbouring facilities when sourcing for blood from one another

Intra-Facility management (IM) service

Is a service that manages internal affairs of a blood services institution, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Digital blood inventory management
  2. Digital associated equipment management e.g. blood bags and reagents
  3. Digital blood requisition management
  4. Digital blood transfusion management

Haemovigilance and reporting service

Is a service that aids in the real-time surveillance / monitoring and evaluation of a facility’s entire blood services value-chain. 

E-learning service

Is a service that enables individuals share and receive learning material with other people and colleagues. The platform also allows for Continuous Medical Education (CMEs).

Blood services ecosystem consulting

Consultancy service on effective ecosystem management

Blood services intra COVID-19

Consultancy on running effective blood services during this pandemic

Effective digital services for the blood services ecosystem

Consultancy services on the digital landscape of the blood services ecosystem

Managed logistics service

Is a service co-provided by Damu-Sasa and various duly registered logistics companies in Kenya for Customers to order and have health products delivered to them, at an agreed upon pricing with the Customer. Use of Damu-Sasa’s Managed Logistics is subject to the terms as will be stipulated by Damu-Sasa upon request by the client to use the service

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