Our Consulting Services

Damu-Sasa is amongst the best Hospital and Clinical consultancy firms in the Healthcare sector. It is one of the very few organizations that provide a combination of high-quality services for the benefit of the client. The services range from architectural planning, project planning and execution, equipment planning, IT solutions, business and financial analysis, marketing communications and much more in the line.


Feasibility analysis, Preparing detailed project reports, Sophistication in building plan & equipment. Construction planning and execution in various segments mapping Healthcare norms, Pre-commissioning and post-commissioning consulting


Damu-Sasa brings in business insight to analyze and advise clients on their business idea. We assist in deriving the Cost of the project and revenue projections suiting client requirements. Our focus to create an ecosystem around the project to minimize the risk and hence project growth.


Selection of Architect, Electrical Consultant and Contractor specialized in hospital projects. Selection of Strategy based on Client’s requirements Selection of Project Manager and Project Engineer and other staff Formulation of Project Implementation Team


Conceptualization and execution of services

Formulating guidelines and processes

Hospital Administration

Procurement and installation

Policy and procedure development

Vendor selection and negotiation

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